The Requirements of Which Blender Is Best for Smoothies

Which Blender Is Best for Smoothies

One of the kitchen tools that must be owned by a mother is a blender. In addition to making juices or smoothies, the primary function of the blender for cooking is to smooth the spices. Also, the existence of a blender can make cooking more effective and efficient. However, you may be confused which blender is best for smoothies.

All blenders are good. But you should notice the following things. If the blender you choose, it has fulfilled the things below, that blender is the best blender for smoothies. Check it out!

Electrical power

If you want a maximum soft texture, we recommend a blender with high cutting strength. Blender rotating power can be seen from the amount of electrical power needed. Therefore, make sure you check it before buying.
Blenders generally require around 180 watts of electricity to 900 watts. The greater the electric power means the greater the ability to cut it too. If you want slightly textured results, we recommend a blender with a power of around 200 watts. This is one of the requirements of what is a good blender for smoothies.

Blender capacity

Another important point in choosing a blender is blender capacity. Blenders with large size will make it easier for you when making juice for all your family members.

As a rule, smoothies consumed per person in one drink are usually 200 ml. So, if you plan to make smoothies for three people, choose a blender with a minimum capacity of 600 ml. You have to make sure that you consider the amount of dish you want to make in one process.

Blade Shape

There are two types of blades in the blender, flat blade cutter and wave blade cutter. The shape of the blade on the flat blade cutter is straight, while the wave blade cutter is bumpier.

Flat blade cutter is very suitable for cutting plants and stirring ground meat. If the blade is removable, you can sharpen it like an ordinary knife. On the other hand, the type of wave blade cutter is suitable for destroying hard foods such as nuts, ice, and others. Because this type has strong crushing strength and mortar, this type is ideal for making smoothies and other dishes consisting of a mixture of various ingredients.

The blade material also determines its durability. We recommend stainless steel because it is not easy to rust and easy to clean.

Safety function

Blender has a blade attached to the bottom. This knife can hurt you if it accidentally turns on or malfunctions occur when you clean it or are fiddling with a part of the blender. Some blenders can even light even if the lid is not installed.

Therefore, choose a blender that has safety features. For example, choose a blender with a machine that will not light up if you do not attach the lid properly. Also, for better security, you don’t connect the blender with electricity when cleaning it.

Note that this safety feature does not automatically exist in an expensive product. Always check the description of the blender product you are going to buy along with its safety features.

Blender type

The first thing to know is what blenders are used in your kitchen. There are several types of blenders with different advantages and disadvantages. If you want to make juices and smoothies, the standing blender is the right choice. This blender has a machine and a knife at the bottom and can be seated on the table. The advantages of a multifunctional blender, this type of blender are also strong so that it can destroy ice.
So, which blender is best for smoothies is blender that has a maximum capacity, high electric power, wave blade cutter, and also safety function?

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