What Knives Are Essential In A Kitchen Activity Generally?

What Knives Are Essential In A Kitchen

What knives are essential in a kitchen activity? Do you ever think of it? Well, cooking work is not an easy thing especially if you are a chef. Sometimes we will find food items that are difficult to cut only with an ordinary knife. That is why there are a lot of types of kitchen knives available. The following are ten types of kitchen knives that are most often used by those who like to cook.

  • A chef’s knife

One of the kitchen knives mostly needed is a chef’s knife. This Chef’s Knife is one of the multipurpose kitchen knives that are very often used for cutting cuts. But unlike the name, because of its popularity, this knife is not only used by chefs but also by many people. In everyday life this knife can be used for a lot of things starting from cutting, slicing, forming cubes-like pieces, to cutting food ingredients into small shapes (usually vegetables).

  • A utility knife

This one kitchen knife does look similar to the Chef’s Knife, but if you look carefully, it will clearly show the difference. This knife has a larger form than the Paring Knife which is a knife for cutting fruit and the like, but the size of the Utility Knife is smaller than the Chef’s Knife.

In the cooking world, the Utility Knife is the kitchen knife most often used by chefs. This knife is a standard knife commonly used for all versatile, lightweight pieces from cutting sandwiches to slicing meat.

  • A bread knife

As the name implies, Bread Knife is handy for slicing bread but not destroying the bread. It has a long and jagged blade size than other knives.

Bread Knife itself can be divided into two types of handles; the first is Bread Knife with a classic handle while the other is an offset handle. Bread Knife with an offset handle allows the chef to slice bread more easily without worrying that the finger will be cut off. In short, the offset grip is a higher grip.

  • A meat cleaver

This one kitchen knife is quite often seen in several horror films where the killer uses a large knife to cut the victim’s flesh. In short, a meat cleaver is indeed a function for cutting meat as the name suggests.

Meat Cleaver includes large and heavy kitchen knives. The weight of this knife lets the chef cut the meat in one swing. Not only meat can be cut, but even hard bones can also be cut by it.

  • A paring knife

At first glance, it may look like normal, but the Paring Knife is very easy to distinguish in its real form. It has a simpler form with a smaller blade edge. Even with a length of only 5-10 cm, this knife is very helpful for the chef’s task in peeling fruit, cutting vegetables, separating shrimp shells, and making delicate decorations on food.

  • A mincing knife

Mincing Knife, that’s how this kitchen knife is called. Seeing this strange shape of the knife reminds us of the shape of the knife used in the ancient tools. But do not be afraid, because this one knife is not used to decapitate the head of the person but rather to chop until smooth.

This curved knife is used by chefs to cut up food that is usually vegetables. How to use it by holding the handle of the knife with both hands, and moving it to the left and right until the vegetables you want to cut is smooth.

  • A boning knife

With a curved and narrowed blade at the end, it is characteristic of the Boning Knife. This type of kitchen knife is a knife that can help you in separating meat from the bones. This Boning Knife is deliberately curved so that the chefs have better control to cut various types of meat carefully.

So, from the explanations above, mostly, what knives are essential in a kitchen for you?

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