What is a utility knife used in the kitchen and how to choose the right one?

What is a utility knife used in the kitchen

A question from newbie chef, what is a utility knife used for in the kitchen? If you buy a kitchen knife set, probably you meet with the utility knife available on there. In any chance, is it needs to have a utility knife in your kitchen?

The good characteristic of a utility knife

There are a variety of definitions that use to describe the utility knife. Here are five basic features from a utility knife that make you consider to determine should have this knife in your kitchen.

  • Thin blade stock. This thin blade makes your utility knife the benefit of being graceful rather than the chef’s knife.
  • Ergonomic comfort handle. A comfort handle is important on all knives, not only for the utility knife.
  • Good stainless steel blade, the material ensures you use the knife in maximum ways and the longevity.
  • 4-7 inch blade. The larger size becomes the chef’s knife, and the smaller one from the size means for a useful paring knife.
  • Easy for keeping and caring. This point is a hygiene reason that should be on a list when you buy a knife.

Five ways to use the utility knife

What are the functions of the utility knife in your kitchen? This utility knife will let you know the purpose and ways to use the utility knife effectively.

  1. For cutting fruits and vegetables in mid-size. Use your utility knife to peel and chop the mid-size vegetables and fruits such as apples, cucumbers, potatoes and other.
  2. Slice the cheese. This utility knife is perfect tools for a slice the big chunks of cheese
  3. Cutting citrus. When you work with small citrus products such as limes, lemon or oranges, the utility knife is perfect for cutting these fragrant fruits.
  4. Cut meat. When it comes to slicing small cuts from beef, for example, salami and pepperoni or trimming the small fish fillet or chicken breast, then this utility knife is an excellent tool to use.
  5. Slice sandwich. There is nothing best to cut your turkey sandwich with a utility knife. This is the best tool to do this small work.

Buying a utility knife

Although buying utility knife seems as not a huge purchase, but still need to consider for several factors and specifications to ensure the utility knife is solid, reliable or not. Before you buy a utility knife, determine how often you will use the utility knife? Besides of the above good characteristic from the utility knife feature, you also need to consider for another factor such as the blades style option, blade construction, and the weight distribution.

The flexibility is essential when working with a utility knife as it has multi-uses. It is vital to ensuring your comfort while using it as the weight is distributed evenly to blade and handle so you can easy to control. The utility knife comes with a straight edge blade and serrated blade. Use the blade type depend to the most often you use your knife.

Caring the utility knife

The following is general tips that also you can consider for all knife in your kitchen. When preparing food, the knife becomes the one that becomes the best tool to help you, but on the other side, it also can lead to potentially serious injury when you use the knife not safe enough.

When you do not use your knife, store it carefully into the suitable knife rack or knife block. If you use the drawer for the storage, it tends to knock against each other and can lead to dull in faster. When clean the knife, hand washes it carefully. With hand wash, it will keep the knife working well and also for more extended use. Remember, for always use your utility knife as what is a utility knife used for in the kitchen purpose.

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