What Is A Pastry Blender? You Need It to Make Flaky Baked Cake

What Is A Pastry Blender?

What is a pastry blender according to you? Well, when you want to make pie crust, biscuit, and also the other baked cake or food, you need to rub or cut the butter to the mixture of flour or dough. In other words, you have to break up the butter to be some small pieces. But, not all the butter pieces are incorporated into the mixture of dough. To do this, you still have some other ways.

The first way or traditional way, you can rub the butter literally by using your fingertips. You should press it till it becomes small pieces by rubbing together the floured finger. The weakness of this step or method is that working quickly is needed. It is to avoid the butter warmed up and melted. Then, the second option is blending the dough of pastry by using a food processor. It is a quick method. But, you will have the result in which it will be less flaky than you want it to be. And, the other option to blend the pasty is by using a pastry blender or pastry knife. What is a pastry blender? Below are the detail explanations.

What is a pastry blender or pastry knife?

What is a pastry knife or pastry blender? You will need it when you want to work with some pastry recipes. This is a hand-held tool with several metal tines that will cut the butter into small pieces as it incorporates it into your dough. Exactly, what is a pastry blender used for? The point is to stir the butter and flour mixture with the ‘chop’ movement so that the pastry results will blunt and not hard or smooth (wet). Because if you mix it in the usual way (kneaded), then the butter will melt with the temperature of the hand and the kneading movement will make flour form gluten. As a result, the pastry is hard.

Pie skin, pastries, pastels, also classified as pastry. Now, these pastry knives are usually used in making pie skins, pastries, biscuits, and other pastries that require a thick (grained) texture.

A tool that can be used instead of a pastry blender

If you’re making pie crust or the other baked cake, you need the pastry blender. But, if you do not have it, you may use the other things instead of the pastry blender. What are they?


The cavity between the blades on the pastry cutter is indeed similar to a fork. Therefore, forks are commonly used as a substitute for pastry cutter. Then, how to use a fork as a pastry blender? You should cut your butter or other fat that you will use to be several small pieces. Put it in the bowl in which there has been the flour and also the ingredients (dry ingredients). Then, mash the butter by using a fork to the flour. Do it often till you get the result of crumbly consistency!

Butter knife

You can also use a butter knife to make a pastry. How to work with it? You need to hold a knife. And, it should be in every hand of yours. It means that you will use two knives. Use those knives to combine or mix all dry ingredients in the bowl with the butter.

Food processor

You do not need a long time if using this for your pastry. You just need to pulse into a food processor the butter and dry ingredients. Do it carefully and make sure that you get the crumbly and nice texture.

Your both hands

You may use both hands of yours to work combining the butter to the dough or flour. Utilize your fingers to squeeze all of the ingredients, and it is to make the butter broken up. Everything will be mixed. So that butter does not get melting, make sure to use your cold hands, and you should quickly work.

Cheese grater

You can grate well your butter. Do it with the grater of a box. To grate easily and quickly, you can use cold butter, or you use a frozen one. After that, mix the grated butter into your ingredients or dry ingredients of pastry.
Those are the explanations of what is a pastry blender.

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