Exposing What Grit Whetstone for Kitchen Knives Is

What Grit Whetstone for Kitchen Knives

One way to make a kitchen knife always sharp is to sharpen it using grit whetstone. Then, do you know what grit whetstone for kitchen knives is? How to sharpen a knife using a whetstone is indeed very easy, but if you don’t know how to do it well, the knife you sharpen cannot be sharp. Besides, the quality of the whetstone also affects the sharpness of the knife. Therefore, to sharpen the kitchen knife to be sharp and durable, you must use a good knife grit whetstone.

For those of you who are looking for whetstone for a good kitchen knife, here is a list of high-quality knife sharpening stones:

  • A sharpening stone

This type of Whetstone is a good whetstone for a variety of knife made of steel. The shape of the Whetstone is generally a box with blackish color. To use this stone, you need to determine the exact tilt angle of the blade so that the results can be maximum sharp. Apart from being able to sharpen knives, this type of whetstone can also be used to sharpen razors and scissors.

  • A sharpening steel

For those of you who want to sharpen a stainless steel knife, it is strongly recommended to use this whetstone. It is because the whetstone is made of steel and stone which can sharpen stainless steel blades quickly. However, it is recommended not to use this stone as a blunt knife sharpener. Also, the use of this stone must also be careful.

  • A manual knife sharpener

This type of sharpener has a shape that resembles a sharpener in a small form. To sharpen a knife using the stone is quite easy; that is, you only need to move the blade vertically or horizontally. Well, for those of you who have a blunt knife can use this stone to sharpen it.

  • An electric sharpener

As the name implies, this type of sharpener must be electrified when it is used to sharpen the knife. These sharpening stones include smooth sharpening stones which are very easy to use. How to use this stone simply by moving the blade back and forth on the machine that has been electrified. By using this machine, the sharpening process can be done faster.

  • Knife sharpener system

This tool is the most modern knife sharpener. It is because you only need to put the knife that will be sharpened on this sharpener then set the temperature on the menu provided. All types of knives can be sharpened using these tools including razors, meat knives, even hunting knives.

Based on the various types of fine whetstone above, you can choose one of them like a knife sharpener at home. In selecting this knife sharpener, of course, you have to pay attention to the type of knife that will be sharpened. Each type of knife has a different method of grinding. Therefore, in addition to choosing good and quality whetstones, you also need to know the correct sharpening knife technique to make it sharp.

The good step to sharpen a kitchen knife

It does not matter what whetstone you use; you should sharpen your knife by using the right steps. Then, how to sharpen a kitchen knife well? Below are the steps:

  1. You have to choose the right whetstone with two surfaces, namely rough and smooth.
  2. Next, you should wet the surface of the whetstone with water to lubricate the stone surface.
  3. Then, sharpen the kitchen knife with a slope of about 10-20 degrees.
  4. Then, sharpen the knife in one direction, do not do it back and forth because it will make the knife blunt.
  5. After sharpening, you should immediately clean the knife with water, because the trash will cause bacteria to stick to the knife if not cleaned quickly.

Well, that’s the right way to sharpen a knife, so it doesn’t blunt.
Now, you have known more about what grit whetstone for kitchen knives is and also the steps to sharpen the knife. Be smart!

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