Toaster VS Toaster Oven: Which Do You Prefer?

Toaster VS Toaster Oven

Do you know that toaster vs toaster oven is different? As you know, most of the people around the world always want to make breakfast quickly. Instead of preparing ingredients, tools, and anything else, most of the people love to dump everything into the toaster or toaster oven.

No wonder then if these kitchen appliances are essential to have in our home. Aside from being very important, toaster and toaster oven have quite a few differences. If you happen to want to buy either toaster or toaster oven, you better keep on reading this article. We will be giving you all of the information on the pros and cons of toaster and toaster oven.

Things You Need to Know about the Toaster

When you hear about the toaster, you must be thinking about the classic toaster with two slots for two slices of bread, right? As technology develops rapidly over the years, you will find that there is a toaster with four slots for four slices of bread. The pros of the toaster are that the toaster can cook the bread quicker than other kitchen appliances. The reason is that the coils are placed very close to the food and thus enable you to use less energy.

Another difference between toaster vs toaster oven is that the toaster is usually the smallest kitchen appliance. They are also lighter, cheaper, more compact. The price of the classic toaster is also much less high than the toaster oven. The classic toaster can only cost up to $500.

If there are pros, there will be cons as well. The disadvantages are that the toaster is prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. The next biggest and obvious con of the toaster is that you can only toast bread or pastries. Thus, it makes the toaster becomes less functional than the toaster oven.

Things You Need to Know about the Toaster Oven

After we are talking about the classic toaster, now it is time to talk about the toaster oven. Just like the name, the toaster oven is a device which will you to toast and oven your food. Most of the people call this device like a miniature oven. Also, most of these toaster ovens have a broiling feature which makes this toaster oven becomes more functional than the classic toaster.

The pros of the toaster oven are that the toaster oven has more abilities than the classic toaster. You can use the toaster oven for baking, to grill, to warm, to broil, and to toast foods. The next pro is that the toaster oven has a timer feature to prevent your food becomes overcooked. The last advantage is that the toaster oven has an impressive cleaning ability. If you accidentally spill something on the heating element, it will clean itself the next time you turn it on.

Meanwhile, there are also the cons of the toaster oven. The first con is that the toaster oven needs more time to preheat than the toaster. Meaning, it will use up more energy rather than the classic toaster. The second con is that the toaster oven has a big size and will eat up space in your countertop and will be hard to move. The price of the toaster oven is also much higher than the classic toaster. The toaster oven can cost up to $1,500.

Now, after you know the difference between toaster vs toaster oven, it will become much easier for you to decide which to buy. Choose the toaster or toaster oven which is suitable for your kitchen and your wallet.

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