The Difference Between Toaster Oven VS Microwave

The Difference Between Toaster Oven VS Microwave

This article will give you differences between toaster oven vs microwave. As you know, there are so many kitchen appliances. However, toaster oven and microwave are the most favorite things to have and use by most of the people. Believe it or not, most of the people love to make breakfast in a quick but delicious way.

No wonder if you can see either toaster oven or microwave in most of the houses. Of course, even though both of the devices are the most favorite things, there are some differences between the toaster oven and the microwave. If you happen to want to buy one, but you confuse about them, you can keep on reading this article. You will be given lists of pros and cons between toaster oven vs microwave. Let’s get started!

Things You Need to Know about the Toaster Oven

Just like the name, the toaster oven is a device which will allow you to toast and oven your foods. If you are wondering how the toaster oven works, the toaster oven uses fast heating elements which are usually placed on the top and bottom of the toaster oven. Some of the toaster ovens even have 5 or 6 heating elements. A standard toaster oven has many functions such as toasting, broiling, baking, defrosting, and roasting.

As for the pros of the toaster oven, the toaster oven will give you the crisp and brown that you need in your food while the microwave cannot do that. If you use the toaster oven, your food will be brown perfectly and has that perfect crisp. That is why, if you want to have a piece of delicious crisp bacon, you can use the toaster oven.

Next, if you reheated the pizza, the toaster oven can make the base, and the crust stays crispy. The same goes for bread and potatoes. So, if you want to keep your food warms, do convection cooking, or cooking pizza, it is suggested to use the toaster oven. As for the cons, the toaster oven is harder to clean than the microwave. The cleaning part of the toaster oven is also much harder and complicated than the microwave.

Things You Need to Know about Microwave

Most of the people use the microwave to reheat foods. However, you can use the microwave to cook simple foods. What is more, the microwave can cook foods at an incredible speed. Then, how does the microwave works? The microwave works quite differently than the toaster oven. Instead of heaters, the microwave uses electromagnetic waves which heat water molecules all at once.

As for the pros of the microwave, the microwave can cook foods quicker than the toaster oven because of the electromagnetic waves. Also, although the microwave cannot give your foods extra crispness or perfect brown just like the toaster oven, the taste of your food will be just great and delicious. That is why the microwave is very suitable for frozen foods.

Also, unlike the toaster oven, the microwave can cook large quantities of food which is perfect when you have guests over. The cleaning part of the microwave is also easier than the toaster oven. Most of the microwave even have removable glass trays which can be cleaned in the sink. Meanwhile, for the con, the microwave cannot give you the brown and the crispiness. Your foods will turn out soggy and soft.

Now, after you know the difference between toaster oven vs microwave, it will help you in deciding which one of the toaster oven or microwave you should buy. Be wise and look for the most suitable one for your kitchen.

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