The Tips of How to Use Waffle Maker

How to Use Waffle Maker

This article will invite you to discuss how to use the waffle maker. Well, do you like to serve waffles as a breakfast menu in the morning? Although a variety of supermarkets provide various variations of waffles ready to eat, there isn’t anything more delicious than the warm, soft waffles produced from your kitchen, right?

To make a delicious plate of waffles, you will need a waffle mold. Don’t worry, how to make waffles in a waffle maker is easy. Nothing is complicated from operating a waffle mold! After all, waffle prints can also be used to make various other dishes, you know. Below are the ways to use it!

  • Prepare your favorite waffle dough/mixture

You can use ready-made dough that can be bought at the supermarket or make it yourself. Remember, don’t stir the dough too long because the more gluten is formed, the more you will see the texture of your waffles later. If there are a few doughs that look still clot, leave it alone; Such dough will produce soft and soft textured waffles.

  • Heat the waffle maker first

Place the waffle mold on a flat, heat-resistant surface before turning it on. If your waffle mold has a variable temperature setting (for example: low, medium, high), choose the temperature that best suits your desires.

  • If necessary, spread the mold with oil or butter

You need to do this step so that the mixture is not attached to the mold and is difficult to clean later. If you use nonstick waffle molds, you don’t need to add oil or butter, so the waffle texture is not soft and wet.

  • Pour the mixture in a circular motion

Prepare 180 ml of waffle mixture and pour the mixture in a circular motion starting from the edge of the plate. If your waffle mold has an indicator light, wait until the color of the lamp changes or until the light is off (depending on the model of the mold you are using) before opening it.

  • Cover the mold and cook the mixture until done

Make sure the waffle mold no longer releases steam before checking its maturity. The time needed to cook waffles is very dependent on the shape and arrangement of the waffle mold you use; however, waffles generally take about 5 minutes to cook. Be careful, opening the mold too early can damage the texture of the waffle!

  • Cover the waffle mold and transfer the cooked waffles to the serving plate

If you want, you can apply butter or pour syrup to the surface of the waffle before eating it. The rest of the waffle mixture can be re-cooked or stored in a closed container and put in the refrigerator until the next day.

  • The waffle temperature should be cold before you clean

Waffle plates can be cleaned using a damp cloth made from soft or ordinary kitchen tissue; You can clean the remaining waffle crumbs first using a soft furry kitchen brush. If there is a dry dough left at the bottom of the plate, use a rubber spatula to lift it. For parts that are difficult to clean, you can try coating the part with cooking oil; let stand for 5 minutes, then wipe with a soft cloth.

Now, you have known how to use the waffle maker. Happy cooking!

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