The Best Way to Grill Steak Anyone Can Learn

The Best Way to Grill Steak Anyone Can Learn

There are different preferences when it comes to preparing a steak. There’s a fancy Gordon Ramsay way with searing the steak on a pan and finish the grilling inside the oven or there’s also more rustic way by grilling it on open flame like the internet sensation Salt Bae. Both of them are professional chefs and they made it look very easy. Let’s learn more about the best way to grill steak perfectly so you can really claim that you are the grill master everyone can count on. But before that, we need to understand more what the perfect steak really is.

The Signs of the Perfect Steak

The perfect steak would be the one with tender texture, juicy inside with full of beefy flavor, and properly charred on the surface of the meat. In terms of the meat color, it would be varied depends on the preferred temperature choice.

  • Rare steak has bright red color inside and brown around the side.
  • Medium rare steak has pink with hint of red inside with brown on the side and dark brown on the top and bottom.
  • Medium steak only has a hint of pink in the center and brown color throughout the meat. The sides of the meat have dark brown color.
  • Well done steak only has a tiny spot of pink color right in the middle of the meat with dark brown color throughout the meat. The top and bottom of the meat must have good charring.

Understanding the signs of perfectly grilled steak helps you to know what goal you want to achieve. No matter which temperature of steak you prefer, it is very important to grill the steak the right way to achieve optimum result.

There could be different approaches and methods to cook a perfect steak. This article will focus on the best way to grill steak for home cook whether it is using stovetop or outdoor charcoal grills.


  • Choosing the right cut of meat

From rib eye to NY strip to T-bone or even the affordable sirloin cut, be sure the cut has too much fat. However, it would be so much better to have marbling fat in the meat as it would deliver better flavor.

  • Trim the excess fat

Excess fat on the side of the meat can cause burnt steak and it becomes very chewy. Trim the fat with sharp knife right out of the fridge as it would be easier to cut fat in cold temperature.

  • Let the meat cut stand on room temperature

Leave the meat cut outside fridge until it reaches room temperature. Cold meat requires longer cooking time to cook through the center risking the surface to overcook.

  • Season thoroughly

Proper seasoning will elevate the meat flavor. You can choose any marinade based on your preferred recipe. However, a simple salt and pepper is already enough to highlight the beef flavor. Be sure to season the meat generously and allow the meat to marinate well.


  • Pre-heat the grill

Set the fire on charcoal grill or turn on the gas grill until it is hot enough. Use two second rule: place your hand about two inches above the grill and when you only able to hold less than two second that means the grill is ready.

  • Dry the meat

Use paper tower to pat dry the meat. It is important to remove excessive moisture out of the meat.

  • Sear properly

Place the meat on the grill right over the direct heat to sear the meat. Proper searing helps to develop hundreds of meat flavor and aroma on the surface of the steak. It only takes few minutes to sear each side of the steak.

  • Finishing

Turn the temperature down and place the steak over indirect heat to finish cooking. How long the cooking would depend the meat temperature you want to achieve.

  • Let Rest

Resting the steak is crucial step. When the steak removed off the grill, the meat is still cooking inside. Let the steak rest for few minutes to let the juice distributed evenly.

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