The Easiest and The Best Way to Grill Chicken

The Easiest and The Best Way to Grill Chicken

Chicken is very popular protein among them for its relatively affordable price. This humble protein can be served in many different ways. From the highly popular fried chicken to chicken soup, curries, casseroles, pie, and so many other recipes. But never underestimate this protein because chicken can be quite challenging to cook especially when you want to grill them.

Grilling chicken is a great way to cook chicken and knowing the best way to grill chicken is a big asset. Unlike frying, grilling reduces the fats a lot more and it can highlight the natural flavor of the chicken. But grilling is hard especially with the type of protein like chicken. It can get overcook and dry faster than other protein such as beef or pork. Chicken skin can get burnt easily and it would definitely taste horrible.

Perfectly Grilled Chicken

When you are looking for perfectly grilled chicken, you would need to expect perfectly cooked chicken all the way through while it is still juicy inside and crisp outside. Unlike beef, medium rare won’t work on chicken. The whole part of the chicken must be cooked well done unless you want to risk salmonella infection. The challenge is to not overcook the chicken to prevent it becomes to dry and difficult to bite.

Gilling chicken on the bone with skin is way much difficult than boneless and skinless chicken cut. However, the bone and the skin can make the chicken meat tastes much better. This is our recommended method on the best way to grill chicken on the bone and with skin.


  • Preparing the chicken

Prepare the chicken cuts and let them reach room temperature first. Pat dry the chicken cuts to remove excessive moisture. Seasoned the cuts with salt and pepper properly. Another option is marinating the chicken cuts with your preferred marinade. Let the chicken cuts marinated properly and be sure to let the marinated cuts reach temperature before getting them into the grill.

  • Preparing the grill

For outdoor grilling, it would be highly recommended to use charcoal grill. Set the grill by arranging the burning coals only on one side of the firebox. This allows direct heat and indirect heat grilling methods.

The easiest way to know the grill has the right heat is by oiling the grate. Once the oil is smoking, it is the sign that the grill is ready.


  • Take the chicken cuts, make sure they are on room temperature. Place the cuts above the indirect heat area with the dark meat on closer side to direct heat area. The chicken cuts much be placed bone side down. The position allows the bone to become roasting rack and helps the skin becomes crispier.
  • Close the grill cover to bring the oven like roasting. Leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Open the grill cover, turn the chicken cuts over. Leave it for another 15 minutes.
  • Check the chicken cuts temperature. The centermost point much reach 150-155 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Transfer the chicken cuts to the direct heat area for finishing. This will allow the skin becomes crispier. When the chicken cuts temperature reached 160 degree, remove them from the grill. In case you want to baste chicken cuts with the sauce, do it before transferring them the direct heat area.
  • Rest the grilled chicken for at least five minutes to let the internal temperature to rise about 5 degree to reach the ideal temperature of perfectly cooked chicken.

That’s the best way to grill chicken that everyone can easily do. As the conclusion, grilling is all about temperature and timing. Master both and you can be sure any protein you grill will come out as awesome and delicious dish you can really proud of.

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