Steam Oven VS Microwave: A Guidance

Steam Oven VS Microwave

Everyone needs a guide, including a guide to know the differences between steam oven vs microwave. Choosing the right kitchen appliance is crucial because it will be related to many aspects of your life such as efficiency, the accessibility, and the electricity bills. If you somehow want to buy some kitchen appliances but you are confused to choose between a steam oven and microwave, keep on reading this article. We will be giving you guidance about steam oven and microwave to help you select the most suitable one.

Things You Need to Know about a Steam Oven

First thing first, you need to know first about the steam oven. What is a steam oven? For your information, a steam oven works using the principle of the convection. A steam oven is a kind of oven which use hot steam to heat the food inside a container. Usually, the steam oven is equipped with a removable water reservoir which requires to be refilled whenever you use the steam oven. Fun fact: some of the high-end or expensive or sophisticated steam ovens can be connected to the water line, so you do not have to bother to refill the water reservoir.

When you turn on the steam oven, the steam oven will take the water from the water reservoir and heat them into hot steams. Then, the hot steam will be injected into the container to cook the food. You do not need to use butter or oil because the steam oven uses natural convection. That is why the steam oven is perfect to be used to cook delicate foods. Also, the steam oven is often used to restore the moisture into the leftover.

However, the steam oven cannot cook the food faster just like the microwave. You need to plan your timing carefully. Another difference between steam oven vs microwave is that the steam oven is more versatile than the microwave. Meaning, it is more compatible with any kinds of food containers. For example, you can use a metal pan to hold the food without being afraid of the side effect. You can also use the steam oven to roast, cooking turkeys, meats, and bread.

Things You Need to Know about a Microwave

Next, you need to know what is a microwave. A microwave is the most common kitchen appliance which is used in many households. The reason is that because the microwave is easy to use and the cooking process is so fast that even the 5-year old kid can use the microwave. The microwave is a kind of cooking appliance which works by using microwave electromagnetic radiation.

When you turn on the microwave, the microwave will emit the radiation and then it will be absorbed by the food. Then, the food’s molecules will heat up. Therefore, because of the radiation, the microwave does not need to heat the air inside. The radiation will do the work. Then, the food will immediately be heated up right when you turn on the microwave. Also, because the microwave is heating the food from the inside, it can cook the food faster than other cooking appliance.

If you are a busy person, then it is more suitable for you to buy a microwave because it can cook your food fast. It is true that the microwave can cook so many kinds of foods, unlike the steam oven. However, you need to use microwave-friendly containers, and you cannot use the metallic container. The last difference between steam oven vs microwave is that your food will be soggy and rubbery if you use the microwave. You will not get the perfect brown or crisp.

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