Soup Recipe with Charcoal vs. Gas Grill: Chicken Mushroom Spicy Creamy Soup


Soup Recipe with Charcoal vs Gas Grill

Charcoal vs. Gas Grill thing is basically something to debate since so many years ago. Each of them must have their own benefits and lacks particularly for cooking. Actually, there are some foods that indeed have differences in term of taste when they are cooked with charcoal or gas grill. Well, if you have a plan to make a soup, which one is between those energy sources that are better to use? So, here is a recipe you need to try along with the explanations.

Chicken Mushroom Spicy Creamy Soup Recipe


2 tablespoons of margarine,

An onion, chop

2 tablespoons of flour,

A liter of pure milk,

250 ml of chicken broth,

A tablespoon of salt,

½ teaspoon of pepper powder,

½ teaspoon of black pepper powder,

A can of sweet corn,

50 gram of black mushrooms, slice,

Chicken breast, boil, dice,

Celeries, chop,

For the side dish, you can also prepare some pieces of garlic bread.


  1. Heat up the margarine and sauté the chopped onion until the aroma comes out,
  2. Pour the flour, stir it thoroughly for around 5 minutes until the flour is melted into a thick liquid,
  3. Add the milk, chicken broth, salt, pepper powder, and black pepper powder. Wait for them until the liquid is boiled.
  4. Pour the corn, mushrooms, and chicken blocks. Wait for another 5 minutes until the soup is getting thickened,
  5. Serve it by pouring the chopped celeries,
  6. You can enjoy it together with some pieces of garlic bread. To make the bread also tastier, smear margarine and pour pepper. Bake it until the breads are brownish.

Cooking Soup with Charcoal vs. Gas Grill

In general, people in this modern day still cook using charcoal are due to its strong aroma to produce. Yes, charcoal is basically formed from natural components that are functioned as the additional spices through the smoke. Although the process is quite long and difficult, the cooking products are definitely not disappointing. Those are the benefits in which the gas grill method cannot give.

But in the case of cooking soup, you actually don’t need a ‘tool’ to strengthen aroma since there have been the onions used. Onions that are mixed with chicken broth plus other ingredients like margarine tend to make the foods smell and taste good. Even the charcoal still works as usual; it adds the taste and aroma, you may not smell or taste it at all as it is covered by other ingredients. Moreover, in a cream soup, the liquid that is getting thickened naturally strengthen the taste and aroma from the onion and broth mixture.

So, for the soup, which one is better? Is it cooking with charcoal or gas grill? Well, it looks like the gas grill is slightly better. Of course, it is due to a chance to cook them all faster. Moreover, you need to boil the ingredients longer in order to make the soup creamier. Meanwhile, if you use charcoal, it takes a very long time for the preparation. It is somehow not really effective particularly if the amount of soup to make is not much.

Although the gas grill allows you to cook in a faster and more practical way, some benefits of charcoal should not be underestimated as well. Charcoal is still better to provide you healthier foods. When the foods are not directly touching the charcoal, the toxic substance entered is more limited anyway. Besides, for some people, it is still more satisfying to use charcoal than using modern stoves. Well, the still think that the dishes including the soups still taste better.

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