Ninja Food Processor How to Use Instructions

Ninja Food Processor How to Use
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The food processor was first introduced in the ’70s. At that time, people rushed out to own this miracle machine for their kitchen. You can use a food processor to dice, to slice or to julienne. Today, you can find many companies produce food processor, and one of them is Ninja.

The Ninja food processor is known for its powerful machine that works at 1500W. The Ninja corporation offers it as a piece of kitchen technology that will be able to provide you light works of slicing, grating, mixing, pureeing, and blending. You will love the design as it is made to be sleek and modern style. Thus, you won’t find any difficulties when using it since they have made an intuitive interface.

Read the following explanation to know more about the Ninja Food Processor how to use instructions.

  1. Select the knife blade you need to use and install it at the food processor. If you read the Ninja Food Processor how to use manual, you will realize that this device comes with two-tiered mixing and chopping blade as additional accessories. These blades will make sure all ingredients will be chopped or mixed not only at the bottom of the vessel but also in the middle.
  2. After installing the right blade for your cooking, you can continue to latch the lid as well as the bowl onto the processor machine. At this rate, the food processor is ready to be operated.
  3. Start to pour all ingredients you wish to process through the feed tube. But, previously, make sure that you have trimmed the leaves or any unwanted parts from the ingredients. You can fill the bowl with various ingredients only up to the mark on your bowl. This mark states the recommended level of maximum contents. If you ignore this mark, the ingredients will probably leak during the process. This is one of the most important things you should pay attention from the Ninja Food Processor how to use manual.
  4. On slicing process, this food processor will give you the delighted result as it is reliable for clean and equally defined pieces. You will also be satisfied because you won’t find any trapped pieces between the lid and the blade, out of shape or bumps. You can always use the plastic pusher for helping the food to move if needed.
  5. The Ninja Food Processor how to use instruction is completed with 25 recipes which you can apply each day. You can use the food processor not only to chop vegetables. But, you can also use it to make graham cracker crusts, smoother sauces, or baby puree.
  6. On the other side, you can also learn how to use the Ninja food processor to make a soup. You will need to add various vegetable chunks including carrots, onions, potatoes, and enough broth through the feed tube. Process all ingredients using the S-shaped knife blade for about 30 seconds.
  7. If you want to chop any food materials but not as smooth as baby puree, you can still make use of the S form knife blade. To prevent it from being too smooth, you can push the pulse control instead and keep an eye. Turning the processor machine makes you have no control to stop it at the expected consistency.
  8. You can process nuts with the shell using the grinding knife blade. As you turn the food processor on, you can watch all of it will be chopped into a ball shape. Then, you can see it from thick becomes thin butter. Peanuts and almonds are going to be processed quickly. While pecans and walnuts are considered a bit harder but still practicable.

Just like the controls are made to be easy to understand, you will find no problems to assemble all of the various accessories and additional attachments. The Ninja food processor has included a timer on the front to help you counting down each processing and mixing times.


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