Main Dish Recipe with Charcoal vs. Gas Grill: Fillet Dory Fishes with Creamy Corn Sauce

Main Dish Recipe with Charcoal vs. Gas Grill

Charcoal vs. Gas grill, do you want to use one of them to cook the main dish? Nowadays, there are so many ways to make delicious dishes. It is whether you still prefer a traditional method using charcoal or the modern one in which the gas grill plays an important role.

Those two heat sources are basically perfect for certain cooking methods for grilling or baking. While for others like frying or boiling, are they still necessary? Yes, they are for sure. So, here is a recipe to create a sort of main dishes; Fillet Dory Fishes with Creamy Corn Sauce.

Fillet Dory Fishes with Creamy Corn Sauce Recipe


150 gram of Dory Fishes (you can use any type of fishes as long as they are meaty and sliceable enough),

A can of grated sweet corn,

500 ml of chicken broth,

3 tablespoons of cornstarch,

2 eggs,

Green onions and celeries,

A tablespoon of sugar,


Pepper powder


  1. After the fishes have been fillet, pour the pepper and salt with around 3 tablespoon of water. Wait it for around 30 minutes.
  2. Boil the chicken broth, corn, and sugar. For this process, using charcoal is more recommended although it takes a longer time.
  3. After the broth is boiled, pour the cornstarch. Stir it thoroughly until the liquid is getting thicker.
  4. The sliced dory meats are put on the beaten egg. Then, put them on the remaining of cornstarch that has been mixed with salt and pepper.
  5. Fry the meat. It is optional whether you want to use the charcoal or gas grill.
  6. Serve on the plates with the creamy corn sauce.

Cooking Main Dishes with Charcoal

If you want to maximize the taste and aroma more as well as you have much spare time, doing all the process above with the charcoal is more recommended. Charcoal tends to release the natural taste that is very good to be combined with the spices mentioned above. The fried dory fishes with cornstarch also tend to be cooked well until the inner part.

Even in term of making the sauce, the use of charcoal is more recommended since the key point of the main dish above is the sauce. Well, the dory must have been spicy for sure but the taste is still vague. Then, it needs the sauce to strengthen the taste more.

But sure if you are cooking the recipe above using charcoal, you must be patient. The preheating process tends to be longer. Besides, it is better to stay around the stove so that you can flip the meat and stir the sauce more often. This method just makes the dishes tastes greater anyway.

Cooking Main Dishes with Gas Grill

So, how is about cooking the dory recipe above with the gas grill? Although the results of both cooking method are slightly the same, there is an important thing missing if you choose the second method. The taste and aroma are not really strong. Moreover, the ingredients indeed naturally don’t have any strong smell.

Besides, it is more necessary to have a small fire to cook them all to make sure that there is no overcooked part. This way, the cooking process is also longer although it is not as long as cooking with the charcoal.

But sure, you can cook them all in a more practical way if you decide to choose the gas grill. At least, you don’t need to wait for a really long time in the pre-heating process. So, which one is you want to choose? Is it cooking the main dishes with charcoal or with gas grill?

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