How to Use a Cuisinart Food Processor for Efficient Cooking

How to Use a Cuisinart Food Processor

Many things can be done with your food processor. You can use it to blend salsa, soups, sauces, and dips. If you learn about how to use a Cuisinart food processor, you will save your time for slicing, chopping or shredding many kinds of fruits, vegetables, or even hard cheese.

The first step you need to do to use a food processor is assembling it and attach a certain blade. There are different shapes of blade attachments, and each of them has a specific function such as slicing, chopping or grating food. Then, you can add all the ingredients in your recipe. After that, screw the lid onto the processor machine and turn it on.

Food Processing

  1. If you read the manual instruction of how to use a Cuisinart food processor, you will find that assembling it is quite easy. Generally, you will need to secure the bowl precisely to the electric bottom. Then, you can slide the preferable blade into its place. To make sure that everything is tightened into the place, you can wiggle the container slightly. Note, that when you assemble the food processor or change the blade, you should always keep machine unplugged.
  2. At this step of how to use a Cuisinart food processor, you can put all ingredients according to your recipe. If your recipe asks you to blend all ingredients at once, then add all of them and close the lid. If you need to add liquids, you should make sure that it doesn’t pass the mark of fill line.
    If there’s a hot element in your ingredients, you have to wait until it has cooled down to room temperature before putting it into the food processor. Also, the large ingredients should be chopped to be smaller chunks, so that it can be blended easily.
  3. After all ingredients are lumped inside the bowl, you can process your food now. First, secure the lid onto the electric base. Your food processor won’t run if you don’t place the lid firmly. After that, you can push the button to start the processing. You will be able to find the run button as well as the pulse button which can be used for different purposes.
    If you push the run key, the food processor will blend all ingredients inside it continuously. You can use this button to make chunk-free pastes, blend all ingredients into delicate soup, or even making mayo. Meanwhile, you can use the pulse key to chop the food the way you like. The machine will only run if you are pushing the button. Use one-second intervals when you press the key and watch until it is chopped enough.
  4. If you follow a recipe that orders you to add some additional ingredients, you can do this slowly during the blending process. While the food processor is still running, you can add certain ingredients through the tube on the lid. On the matter of adding some more ingredients, you need to pay attention to what size Cuisinart food processor to buy. The bigger the size you have, the more convenient you can process ingredients in large amount.
  5. After completing your food processing, it is time to clean the food processor. Pour your food from the bowl into a serving plate. Now, you can start to move the plastic parts as well as the blades into the sink. Wash them using water and soap. Meanwhile, you can only use a damp cloth to wipe any smears on the electric part.


Knowing how to clean the device is also part of how to use a Cuisinart food processor. It would be best if you let all parts dry before re-using it again for the next cooking. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to submerge the electric unit in the water or it will be ruined instantly. You should also need to be careful not to handle the processing blades directly with your hands. It is sharp that it would cut your fingers easily.

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