How to sharpen kitchen knives and keep it stay sharp

How to sharpen kitchen knives

How to sharpen kitchen knives, an essential tool in your kitchen? Knives are mainly used for a lot of purposes. It can be used for cutting meat, chop the vegetable or slicing food. If you notice the ingredients are tearing before it completely sliced, then it can mean that your knife is dull. Over time, when your knives are repeated use over and over, it needs sharpening.

Different Method for sharpening knives

There are several methods available that you can use for sharpening your knife. The method is depending on how you usually use the knife and the type of knife itself.

  • Knife sharpening steel. This is also called as sharpening steel or honing rod. It most commonly comes with knife sets. It is used vertically, so it is important to get care when use to prevent the knife slipped.
  • Electric knife sharpener. This is sharpener knife machines that very easy to use. With the electric knife sharpeners, the abrasive in the motorized wheels against the blade spin. Always follow the instruction from the manufacturer for your safety.
  • Manual knife sharpener. The manual sharpener work as the abrasive comes with a V-shaped chamber that through the user pulls the knife.
  • Whetstones. The whetstone is extremely adaptable and can be used to sharpen any knife type. This can sharpen your knife in full booster and the price relatively affordable. Most of the stone is featured with the coarse and fine side which each side determine the amount of sharpening in the each of pass. To use, secure the stone into the surface by using a damp cloth with the rough side up. Sharpen the first side by place the knife into stone surface within 15-degree angle. Draw the blade with a circular manner.

When do you need to sharpen your knife? When you feel the knife is dull, then you need to sharpen it. The sharpening requires removing a fair amount of metal in your knife.

How to keep kitchen knives sharp

Once you have sharpened your knife, it is crucial for keeping it as sharpen as you already sharpen it.

  • Use the right cutting board.

The option of choose cutting board dramatically improves the knife ability to hold the edge. The wooden cutting board is the best option for keeping the knife sharp. Wood is soft enough and it less damage to your knife cutting edge. If you do not like the wooden board, then choose plastic cutting boards or glass, or marble cutting board. The other way, you can cut directly in the ceramic plates.

  • Clean the knife properly.

The process of cleaning the kitchen knife often results in the necessary dulling. It is best to wash your knife with hands, not use a dishwasher. Washing the knife use hands also saves the handle material from soaking and heat from the dishwasher.

  • Store your knife.

The storage is another culprit from dulling knife. Without proper storage, your knife can end in the drawer where it can be banged around and dulled.

  • Proper knife usage.

To keep your knife sharp, you also need to make sure that use it only for cutting. Never use the knife as a hammer, screwdriver, or any other tool.


Besides of usage, the storage of the knife is also influenced to maintain the knife sharpness. To keep your knife performance, ensure to store it properly. You can use the magnetic knife strip, knife guard, or by universal knife block. Never keep your knife in a drawer as it can contact them with other against sides and potent to dull. While you know a different method on how to sharpen kitchen knives and store it, it can help you to save money as the knife get last for more extended use.

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