How to sharpen a kitchen knife with a rod

How to sharpen a kitchen knife with a rod

How to sharpen a kitchen knife with a rod safely? When you need to sharpen the knife with the rod, it is crucial for hone it correctly. When the knife gets slipped, it can potentially hurt your hand. The honing rod is stainless steel that uses for maintenance the knife blade sharp. Typically, it comes with long, thin and metal rod with handle in the end. Sometimes, when you buy knives, it often comes with a honing rod.

The best honing steel and guide to buy

With so many products available, there are many options and varies quality offer to you when you buy honing rod. Which one that you should buy?

  • Length. The length of your rod should depend on your knives in the kitchen. If you have a small knife such as the chef’s knife, then you need smaller hone between 8-9 inch length. If you have a longer knife, then take 10-12 inches honing rod. Of course, with a shorter rod, you can sharpen the knife, but it better and more comfortable to use the longer one.
  • Material. There are three types of material that you can choose, ceramic, stainless and diamond. Stainless feel honing is the most common types as it suitable for all purposes and suit with all knives. The ceramic honing is harder than stainless steel. It wi take fewer strips to sharpen your knife. Diamond hones are the hardest of all. This material removes a fairly amount of metal and comes closer than two previously material. Because of that reason, it is not recommended to use diamond honing rod too often.
  • Handle. Next is the most critical part of the rod, the handle. It is crucial for keeping a firm grip in the home to prevent it slipped. Slipping while you are honing is dangerous and can lead to damage, both on you and the knife.

Best honing rod

  1. Utopia kitchen steel rod. This tool is the classic steel honing rod. It is affordable and comes with proven technology. The pros are it will stick to a magnetic rack and large hand handle. The cons are it weight can reach 1 pound.
  2. Green elephant 11-inch ceramic rod. If you are the one that comes into the lifestyle or hobby, then you need the one that will fit with it. The Green Elephant 11 inch ceramic rod is filling the gap between classic and extreme honing segment. The pros are with 11 inches long it can handle the longest knife in your kitchen, impact to resistant, and 1500 grit is perfect for finishing and sharpening. The cons are it is expensive than the other common steel rod and less.
  3. Zwilling JA honing rod. For those who have serious knife collection in their kitchen then this is an excellent option to choose. It is an excellent and primary honing rod with all the features that you need. The pros: it is a highly reputable brand with handle easy to grip. The cons: small hand guard.

How to use honing rod

It is essential to use a honing rod properly. The honing rod process should be on you go anytime as you feel the knife does not perform as well as you expect.

  • Step 1.

Hold the honing rod vertically with the tip firmly planted in the counter. Place the blade heel against the top of the steel, and the point of knife tip is slightly upward. Hold the knife blade in 15-degree angle away from the iron.

  • Step 2.

Maintain the light pressure and 15-degree angle among the steel and blade and then slide the blade down into the length of the steel in a sweeping motion, pull the knife toward the body, so the middle of the knife blade is meeting with the middle of the steel.

  • Step 3.

Finish the motion bypass the blade’s tip over the bottom of the steel. Repeat the motion into the opposite blade side. Around 4-5 strokes in each side are enough to realign the blade.

To ensure your honing rods still work well, it is important to replace your honing rod when it comes dull. You can notice when the grooves in the rod become smooth. By understanding how to sharpen a kitchen knife with a rod, you can maintain a sharp knife and your rod.

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