Recipes and Tips of How to Cook Potatoes in A Skillet

How to Cook Potatoes in A Skillet

Who doesn’t like potatoes? It seems rare. Want boiled potatoes, potato soup until fries must have their fans. Various fast food outlets provide a menu of various kinds of processed potatoes. Especially fries that look very easy to practice at home. You can cook potatoes in the skillet. Then how to cook potatoes in a skillet?

There are many ways or recipes to cook potato in a skillet or usually called as skillet potato. What are they? One of skillet potato recipes included one of the best skillet potatoes. Below is what you need and step to cook it.

Recipes and Tips of How to Cook Potatoes in A Skillet

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  • 4 Large potatoes cut the boxes
  • 150 gram Chicken breast fillets cut into boxes
  • 1 Small Bombay onion
  • frozen veggies
  • 5 eggs shake off
  • Enough salt, pepper, chicken broth powder
  • Enough cooking oil to stir fry
  • Cheddar cheese for garnish


  • Saute the onion until fragrant, and enter the chicken to cook until cooked in a rather large flat Teflon pan
  • Enter the potatoes, mix well. Cover the pan, until the potatoes are tender. After half soft enter frozen veggies, close again until everything is tender.
  • Enter the salt spices, pepper, and chicken broth powder. Taste until the taste is right.
  • Put the eggs evenly which have been shaken. Cover the pan again and don't forget to reduce the spy heat from burning.
  • After the eggs are slightly cooked, add grated cheddar cheese.
  • Cover the pan until the cheese has melted. Ready to serve

Tips for cooking not sticky potatoes in the skillet

If you are the new one to try cooking potato in a skillet, you may meet a problem. One problem that arises when you first try for sure is that fried potatoes stick to one another, or maybe they stick to the frying pan. Then, how to avoid it? Here is the solution:

Before washing the potatoes, you have to peel the potatoes well. Then, you continue to clean them thoroughly. After that, you need to cut them according to the taste you want to cook. It can be as big as matches or thinly sliced like potato chips, and if you want it easy, you may use grated potatoes that are widely sold in kitchen supply stores.

After you have done the first step or tip, you should wash the cut potatoes again and make sure the sap on the potato is gone, that is until the potato rinse water is not dull anymore. It means that they should be clear and drain and you should make sure that those potatoes are not submerged because it will cause the potatoes to be slightly soft. This prevents the potatoes from becoming sticky when fried.

After that, you need to sprinkle salt and stir. Yes! You may need salt, so that, the potatoes that you cook will be a little savory. It is optional. You can give seasoning according to the recipe you want.

Then, you must prepare a dry skillet, and you should make sure that it is clear from the rest of the fried food. The leftovers that stick to fried foods can make the potatoes stick to the pan, then add the oil. Don’t forget, frying potatoes must use oil that is pooled.
Before frying, you have to make sure the oil is boiling.

The last, you should fry over medium heat and lift before the color becomes dark because the potatoes will remain darker even though they have been lifted while still hot.
Well, Those are the explanations of how to cook potatoes in a skillet and also the tips so that the potatoes you make by yourself will not stick in your skillet area. Happy cooking and good luck!

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