Tips on How to Cook a Burger in a Skillet for Juicy and Tender Bites

If you want to make a juicy and tender burger in your stove, you should pay attention to some factors. First, you need to know how to select the best ground beef and some advice to shape the patties properly. This information is what you need on how to cook a burger in a skillet. You too can make your own best burger just like you have ever had in a restaurant.

How to Choose the Best Beef for your Burger?

After doing some experiments on adding some ingredients to make a better burger, we have just concluded that the one matters the beef. If you can discern and buy a slice of good meat, then you will mostly be able to have a great burger. It’s so simple but the most important thing on how to cook a burger in a skillet.

When you are selecting ground beef for burgers, you have to make sure that it has 20% fat and 80% lean. If you could only find ground beef with 85% lean, then it would still make a great burger. However, you may need to avoid taking the ones with 90% or more. This beef will be easily crumbled and dry.

If you are willing to, you can go to the butcher case and choose the fresh ground beef. It is fresher than ones with packaging. Thus it is less compressed. The good quality ground beef is attempting, but if you ignore it, you can buy more and stock up freeze patties for the next meals.

Just Give a Light Touch

Recently, I realize that giving just a light touch makes a big difference when talking about how to cook a burger in a skillet. The more you mash and handle the beef when you are shaping for patties, the tighter and compressed it will be. So, it’s crucial for you to handle the beef as little as possible when you form patties.

If you already have the chunks of beef which are as big as fist size, you should start to break them off and divide into thick patties. Use your palm to press those lumps against the flat surface casually. Then, use gentle movement to shape the edges to become round.

It is vital to keep yourself from giving more touch to make the shape neat and tidy. Release your worry and just let those lumps look uneven and let it has cracks. Keep in your mind that refusing any temptations of the further handle will result in ultimate tender patties.

Make Dimple

There’s a unique technique you can use to avoid problems when your burger shrinks to be half size and forms a dome. You can slightly press the frivolous “dimple” in the middle of your patties.

Just use your fingertips to pat the center of each patty considerably thinner than the outer boundaries. If you are still confused, you can make the dimple for about a quarter of one inch thinner at most. Try this trick, and you will find the best way to cook burger cast iron skillet.

Cooking the Patties

Cook your patties over medium-high heat in a flat pan. You should be able to hear the sizzle as you adding patties on the pan. After flipping the patties, the upward side should be a nice dark and golden-brown burn.

Avoid Overcook

If you master how to cook a burger in a skillet, you can make a quick meal anytime. Even if you prefer to have well-done burgers, you only need to prepare the patties in 10 minutes at maximum. If you cook it any longer, the burger will end up be crumble and dry even after following the previous tips. If you want to be safe, you can set a timer to avoid overcooking.


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