The Best Tips of How to Clean Air Fryer Well

Frying using an air fryer is not only healthier than using a pan but also makes it easier for you to clean it. That is because frying with air fryer doesn’t need oil like frying using a frying pan. Then, how to clean air fryer? Before that, see the explanations about the advantages of an air fryer!

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Excess cooking with air fryer

Below are some advantages of cooking by using an air fryer:

  • Reducing fat and cholesterol content
    Water frying technology can reduce fat and cholesterol content significantly, but the food remains crunchy, tasty, and delicious. Reduced fat content means that food is healthier.
  • Save expenses
    This tool makes consumption of cooking oil much less, so it will save a lot of monthly costs and spending.
  • Make food crispy again
    Fried bananas, pastel, even soft and cold fried chicken, can be made crispy, crispy and warm with this tool.
  • Multi-function
    Although it is commonly referred to as a frying tool without oil, actually the tool is multi-functional because it can also be used to roast chicken, make steaks, grilled fish, pastries and others.
  • It does not produce smoke
    Each air fryer is usually equipped with a built-in air filter that will filter the air so that the device does not emit smoke. Indirectly it makes the kitchen healthier because it is free from the smoke of dirty and smelly kitchen.
  • Easy to clean
    Baskets and nets are easy to clean using only water and soap. Always wash the basket and the net after using it to be clean, durable and durable.

How to clean air fryer well?

The following explanations are the steps to clean an air fryer that you can apply.

  1. Cool the water fryer you just used.
  2. Clean the outside of the water fryer with a damp cloth.
  3. To clean the inside, use a soft sponge and hot water.
  4. Brush the leftover food sticking to the heating element using a soft to a medium bristle brush. So that the coating on the heating element does not peel off, do not use a wire brush or a hard-bristled brush.
  5. Clean the heating element with soft to moderate brush bristles.
  6. Dry the heating element with a paper towel.
  7. To clean the basket and water fryer pan, fill the pan with hot water. Pour dishwashing soap. Then soak the pan with a basket in it for 10 minutes. Clean the wall of the black basket with a sponge or brush. Turn the basket over. Rub the bottom of the basket with a brush or sponge. Then clean the pan with a sponge or brush that is not rough.
  8. In these ways, the inside and outside of your water fryer are guaranteed to be clean and ready to be used again.

Additional information about the consideration before buying water fryer

After briefly understanding the advantages and how to clean the water fryer, some of us may be interested in purchasing this good frying pan. In order not to regret and not choose wrongly, here are some considerations before deciding to buy an air fryer.

  • Capacity
    There are three types of air fryer capacities, namely: small, medium and large, which are usually measured in liters. The smallest unit is about 1.2 liters, while the larger unit can reach 5 liters or more, depending on the brand and model.
  • Temperature regulation
    Setting the right cooking temperature will produce delicious and delicious food. The temperature in a digital air fryer can usually be set between 100 ° – 200 ° Celsius. Make sure the display is clear enough, and the buttons are easy to operate.
  • Timer and auto shut off
    Setting the cooking time (timer) is very important so that we can determine the level of maturity and texture of the desired food.
  • The cookware of fryer safe water
    Basically, any cookware that can hold up to 230 ° C can be used in an air fryer, such as stainless steel or aluminum cookware.

Now, you can practice well about how to clean air fryer.

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