The Tips of How to Clean a Belgian Waffle Maker

How to Clean a Belgian Waffle Maker

Made of stainless steel and suitable for use in homes and restaurants, the Belgian Waffle Maker offers 1/2-inch deep waffle boxes and brownish controls that can be adjusted for various types of batteries and personal tastes. Then, how to clean a Belgian waffle maker?

Well, after finishing preparing delicious waffles for the family and children, we immediately face a severe problem, which is how to clean the waffle roasting machine? Confused? Don’t worry because this is where you can find the answer to your problem. But before entering the stage of cleaning the waffle roasting machine, we need to know things that should not be done while cleaning the waffle roasting machine such as:

  • Never clean the waffle grill when it’s hot. Surely none of us wants to blister hands when cleaning. Let him cool before cleaning.
  • Do not put the entire body into the water. Some waffle grills use an electrical energy source, which means our grill machine has many cables in it. Once covered, it can be directly blue glue.
  • Do not use sharp objects such as knives or steel belts because they can damage the surface of the grill.

After knowing and understanding the three prohibitions above, it’s time we go into how to clean the waffle roasting machine. To clean this machine, the first source that we should check is the manual that is included with it. Only then look for the 2nd source like this article.

In this article, how to clean the waffle roasting machine is divided into two, namely

First Stage: Cleaning the Inner / Roasted Section of Waffle

  • Remove the dough that is still sticking with a soft toothbrush or a rubber spatula.
  • If there is a mixture that is hard and hard to clean, what do you do? Pour vegetable oil on the stubborn dough mixture and cook for 2-3 minutes until the blend is soft and easy to clean. After the mixture has softened, wipe it with tissue paper.
  • Use tissue paper dipped in soapy water to clean all surfaces.
  • Take towels/tissue paper dipped in clean water to clean up the used soap. Do this several times to make sure the soap is gone.
  • Use a dry towel/tissue paper to wipe after the grill. After making sure the inside is dry and clean, it’s time to go to stage 2.

Stage 2: Cleaning the Outside

  • Use a wet towel/tissue to wipe all the outside. If oily use soapy water, wet cloth to remove soap then wipe dry.
  • Make sure all the waffle roasting machines are dry when we distort them back to the cupboard. It turns out it’s not difficult to clean it.

Additional tips for maintaining the Belgian waffle maker or other types of a waffle maker

There is a tip so that the waffle pan is not sticky, pay attention to the following:

  • Sticky waffle pan usually occurs in waffle makers that are rarely used. Before being stored or when going to use it, this skillet is clean washed using soap. This is precisely the treatment action that makes sticky waffle pan.
  • Treatment of waffle skillet is the same as iron cast skillet. He should not be washed, let alone use soap.
  • When using a waffle pan, spread with a little oil. Then heat it until it’s really hot. When used for the first time, the chances are that the pan is still sticky. But, don’t panic!
  • Turn off the waffle maker and clean all the sticking dough. Use a tissue or brush to clean all the remaining waffle crumbs. Rub the pan again with a little oil and reheat until it’s really hot. The second experiment will be better.
  • When you have finished making the waffle, do not wash the waffle maker using water, especially with soap. Simply wipe using a clean cloth or tissue. Then close the engine so that there is no dust attached. In this way, the iron waffle pan won’t stick.

Those are the explanations of how to clean a Belgian waffle maker.

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