How Many Types of Pressure Cookers are There?

Do you know how many types of pressure cookers are there? If you do not know, then you have come to the right place. This article will show and explain to you types of pressure cookers and their features. As we all know, a pressure cooker is known and famous for its fast cook.

You can literally cook goat stew for only 30 to 40 minutes, and you can even cook baby back ribs for only 25 minutes. Of course, with that fast cooking, the pressure cooker is soon to be adored by many people especially by busy people who have a tight schedule. Therefore, if you happen to want to buy a pressure cooker but you do not know the type, then keep on reading this article.

How Many Types of Pressure Cookers are There

The Generation of Pressure Cookers

If you are asking how many types of pressure cookers are there, the answer is that the pressure cooker has three types or generations.

  1. First Generation
    You may call the first generation of the pressure cooker as the old type or old generation. This first generation works by using a weight-modified valve which can suddenly release pressure. When this pressure cooker releases the pressure, it will release the sound of a whistle and it is deafening because of the valve. This pressure cooker’s work is similar to the steam engine’s piston. Commonly, the first-generation pressure cooker offers a single pressure level. However, a few new models allow the user to modify the weight of the valve thus change the pressures.
  2. Second Generation
    The second-generation pressure cooker is called the latest pressure cooker. This pressure cooker uses spring-loaded valves which are hidden from the view. This latest pressure cooker also uses a proprietary mechanism which will allow the user to choose between multiple pressure options. Some of these latest pressure cookers do not release the steam during the cooking process. Instead, they use an indicator to show how far the pressure level has reached. They will release the steam when you open the pan or when you left them on the stove for a long time. Other designs of these latest pressure cookers rely on the dial which can help the user to adjust the pressure by moving it around. This will vent the pressure the moment you move the dial.
  3. Third Generation or Electric Pressure Cookers
    This third generation or the electric pressure cooker uses an electric source in the base which will regulate the pressure and temperature feeding off a power line. This electric pressure cooker is also relying on a spring-loaded valve. Not only that but they also provide dual pressure settings and timer option and the ability to keep your food warm. However, you cannot wet the lid by cold water to remove the lid quickly on these types of pressure cookers. Therefore, you need to use caution whenever you are using these electric pressure cookers because they release the steam using tiny valves.

The Feature of the Pressure Cooker

There are two kinds of features which the pressure cooker can do. The first one is a single purpose pressure cooker. This kind of pressure cooker is designed to handle a single pressure setting and can be used to do all of the dishes. However, you cannot control the outcome. The second feature is the multipurpose pressure cooker.

As you can see from the name, this pressure cooker is designed to do multitasking. Not only the pressure cooker can cook, but they can also steam and sear. This pressure cooker also equipped with many options and different temperature and pressure settings.

Are these explanations answer how many types of pressure cookers are there?

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