Understand The Strength And Weakness Of A Food Processor To Answer Question, “How Big Of A Food Processor Do I Need?”!

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In your lifetime, especially for a woman who usually works in a kitchen may ever ask, “how big of a food processor do I need in cooking activity?” To get the answer to the question, you surely have to know more about the function, strength, and also the weakness of the food processor. Well, as we know that in this era, there are many kitchen tools or cooking tools that can help us process food.

One of them is a food processor in which it is very familiar in every country. This tool of the food processor can be used for many things starting from cutting onions, grinding meat, to kneading the cake mixture. You could say, a food processor is more multifunctional than the other tools like a blender. So, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the food processor? Below are the clear and detail explanations. Check it out!

The Strengths of a Food Processor

Food processors are designed to help us ease our cooking activity. It has some strengths that we can get. What are they? Here are some benefits that we can get from a food processor.

A food processor is multifunction

There are many things a food processor can do. Therefore, the types of food that we can treat also vary starting from vegetables, fruits, onions, beans, until the meat can be processed with a food processor. Food processors not only function to smooth food but also it can be used to do other activities. For example, it can also be used to slice, cut, and grate. In fact, a food processor can also be used to whisk eggs, squeeze oranges, and knead the cake mixture.

A food processor is a practical tool

Using a food processor saves us time. The thing is, the food processor works very fast. Just imagine, we usually need a few minutes to smooth the garlic. But thanks to a food processor, smoothing onions can be done in only a few seconds.

A food processor is secure

You have to know that a food processor is exactly equipped with a cover at the top. If it’s not closed neatly, the food processor won’t work.

The Weaknesses of a Food Processor

Indeed, a food processor can do many things for us. But, inevitably, a food processor also has several disadvantages or weaknesses. Let’s get to know what they are!

A food processor is not suitable for making liquids

Food processors can indeed be used to destroy vegetables and fruit. However, if you want to make juice, this tool is not reliable. The thing is, the food processor container is not as big as a blender. Juicing with a food processor can cause juice or liquid to seep into the blade and the machine.

The price tends to be high

Because it is made with many functions, the price of a food processor tends to be expensive. Moreover, the food processor is also equipped with various types of equipment. As already explained, there are multiple types of knives, discs, and other tools. The more food processor equipment, the higher the price will be. No wonder if there is a food processor that costs hundreds of dollar.

It is difficult to clean

Like other tools, of course, we have to clean the food processor after use. However, we also have to remove parts of the knife or disc. This is certainly troublesome if we are processing a lot of food. Every time we use a knife, we must remove and clean it. Besides that, we also need a lot of tools to clean the food processor because each component must be washed differently.

Thanks to technological advancements, we can now use tools such as food processors that are very useful and simplify work in the kitchen. Then, if you ask, “how big of a food processor do I need,” remember those strengths and weaknesses and relate them to your need.

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