Hand Mixer VS Stand Mixer

Hand Mixer VS Stand Mixer

Do you want to buy a mixer but you do not know the differences between hand mixer vs stand mixer? Do not worry. You have come to the right place. Believe it or not, choosing the best and suitable kitchen appliances can be a bit tough and overwhelming. So many things with similar functions including mixers. Not to mention if there are some newest model of kitchen appliances with modern features. You will have a hard time to make decisions, for sure.

Now, for the starter, some of the people often confuse what to get between hand mixer or stand mixer. From the name, you can see that the hand mixer needs your hands to work and the other is not but a little bit pricey. Therefore, if you happen to want to buy a mixer but do not what to choose, keep on reading this article. We will be giving you a picture to help you choose between a hand mixer or a stand mixer.

Things You Need to Know about Hand Mixer

As you can see from the name, the hand mixer means a mixer which uses your hands to be able to work. Meaning, it will depend on your energy and hand’s speed whether the ingredients will mix perfectly or not. Although there are electric hand mixers, you still need to hold the mixer throughout the mixing process. Will it be tiring? Yes, of course. However, if you are looking for a portable mixer with a great blending or mixing process, you can buy this hand mixer.

If you want to work with creaming recipes ingredients, whipping fresh creams, or mashing some potatoes, this hand mixer can do a great job. The price of the hand mixer is also not that high. You can still find some hand mixers which less than $30.

Things You Need to Know about Stand Mixer

Now, after you know some things about the hand mixer, it is time for you to know some different things between hand mixer vs stand mixer. As you can see from the name, which is obvious, the stand mixer is a mixer which can stand on its own without having to need your hands to support it. Of course, the specialty of this stand mixer is that you can mix or whip dough or other ingredients for as long as you need without tiring both of your hands. You can even do something else while the stand mixer does its work.

Another benefit of using the stand mixer is time management. While the stand mixer does its work, you will have time to prepare other ingredients. Meaning, you can shorten your cooking, and you will spend less energy than if you use the hand mixer. Not only that, but you can also mix or whip heavy batters such as pizza dough, pie dough, or heavier cookie dough because the stand mixer has more power than the hand mixer.

The drawbacks are that the stand mixer tends to be bigger and heavier than the hand mixer. So, you cannot move it around quickly. Also, you cannot use any other bowls when using the stand mixer. The capacity will be limited to the stand mixer’s bowl. Meanwhile, the hand mixer can be used in separate bowls which are pretty useful and practical.

Those are the picture of hand mixer vs stand mixer. If you tend to bake or cook often, then you can buy the stand mixer and place in on the right spot, so you do not have to move it around. However, if you do not bake or cook often, you can buy the hand mixer for it is much cheaper and easy to move.

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