What Is the Difference between A food Processor and A Blender? Here Are Three Common Differences

What Is the Difference between A food Processor and A Blender?

Maybe, some of you are still confused about the blender and the food processor. Many think that the function of both is the same, namely to smooth food. But if you pay attention further, both of them have a significant difference, you know. And you need to know; blenders cannot be used to replace a food processor. So, what is the difference between a food processor and a blender? Here’s the detail explanation.

The Shape

Physically, the shape of the blender and food processor is not too different. Both have one motor that can be used by several types of blades. But the size of the blades is different. Blenders generally have small blades while the food processor has a much larger blade.

The Function

Generally, blenders have the function of mixing and smoothing soft foods with a smooth consistency, both wet and dry. Blenders are ideal for making juices and smoothies and smoothing spices. For wet foods, a blender needs the help of fluids to function optimally. As for dry food, blender usually sublimates with a rather long time and not smooth perfectly. Because the blade is small, you cannot use a blender to soften hard food, because it will cause the blender to break quickly.

Food processors have far more functions, namely chopping, cutting, grating, slicing, mixing various food ingredients without added liquid, even stirring the cake mixture until smooth. So it will be very practical to be used by those of you who are busy and don’t have much cooking time. Do not forget to adjust the volume and capacity of the food processor, so as not to overwork. Even so, a food processor should not be used in liquid food, because it can cause the food processor to leak.

The Price

For the price, there is a significant difference between the blender and the food processor. Because of its limited function, the cost of the blender is much cheaper. So it is very suitable for those of you who have a limited budget but want to keep cooking practically while the price of food processors is quite high. Of course, it is comparable with its very diverse functions. But cheap or expensive, both types of equipment are also very determined by the type of brand.

Well, now it’s pretty clear what the differences between a blender and a food processor are. Sometimes, you have a question, ‘do I need a food processor or blender?’ Before deciding to buy, you should adjust it again to your budget and needs. Or maybe you are interested in having both the same as me?

Then, what can you do with a food processor? Certainly, you can use it according to function, and you have to use it properly because sometimes some of the following mistakes are often made when working with a food processor.

  • Fill the bowl before adjusting the machine
  • Preferably, install the bowl on the machine and the knife.
  • After that, put the ingredients into the bowl. Thus the blade is more stable and functions optimally.
  • Filling too many ingredients to the bowl
  • Generally, the bowl marked with a maximum liquid and fill mark or not more than a quarter of it.
  • Process the beans in hot conditions
  • Hot temperatures will make blades dull and containers easily damaged. Also, the results are stickier because the oil has not dried.
  • Let the sides of the bowl dirty
  • Anything that is mixed and mashed with the food processor will be smooth. But keep in mind, you should pause, open the container and evenly distribute the food ingredients in the milk so that all can be mixed evenly. If not, then the part attached to the side cannot be evenly mixed.

Those are the explanations of a question “what is the difference between a food processor and a blender?”

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