Convection Oven VS Microwave: Which Do You Prefer?

Convection Oven VS Microwave

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who do not know the difference between convection oven vs microwave. If you happen to want to buy either a convection oven or a microwave, but you do not know the difference between them, keep on reading this article.

Things You Need to Know about the Convection Oven

First of all, you need to know some things about the convection oven. One word which is very suitable to describe this convection oven is efficiency. For your information, the convection oven came in 1967 and has become the most popular oven used in many households. Generally, this convection oven is used for baking. However, you can also grill and roast some things that you want using this type of oven. Then, how does the convection oven work? The convection oven works by producing heat. Then, the convection oven uses dry and hot air to cook the food thoroughly and evenly.

As for the pros, the first pro in the convection oven is that this type of oven can cook your food evenly. Unlike other regular conventional ovens who leave some areas of the food cold, you will not find this kind of thing in the convection oven. The fan will cook your food perfectly. Another difference between convection oven vs microwave is that the convection oven takes less cooking time. If the conventional oven needs at least 30 minutes to finish the cooking process, this convection oven will only need like 15 – 20 minutes to complete the cooking process.

Also, because the fan will be distributed evenly inside the oven and cook the food thoroughly, it will take less energy to prepare and will help you in conserving the electricity. Lastly, you can cook more than one dish at one time. You can put more than one dishes inside the convection oven, and the oven will count them as one single item which you cannot find in the regular conventional oven. The first con of using this convection oven is that you cannot bake a cake using this oven because the dough will not rise. The convection oven is also more expensive and more fragile.

Things You Need to Know about the Microwave

Now, let us talk about the microwave. The microwave is the most common kitchen appliance and most of the households have at least one microwave inside their kitchen. The microwave works by using radio-frequency for heating the water and fats and then cook the food from the inside. The waves will then cause the molecules of the food start to vibrate and the temperature will rise. Because the microwave is very easy, a little kid can use the microwave to reheat their food or snacks. Do keep in mind that microwave is not designed to cook a meal. Instead, microwave can heat prepared meals, making half cooked meals like macaroni pasta, tea, coffee, heating milk, popcorn, and cooking rice.

As for the pros, the first pro in using the microwave is that the microwave has a small size. You do not need to prepare a large space on your counter to install the microwave. You can put the microwave wherever you want. The second is that the microwave uses less electricity which means fewer electricity bills. Next, the microwave is less expensive than the convection oven. Lastly, the microwave is child-friendly because it is very easy to use. The cons are you cannot have control when you reheat your food and microwave only have fewer options.

Now, after you know the explanation, pros, and cons of convection oven vs microwave, which one will you buy for your kitchen? Choose wisely.

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