Should You Buy a Ninja Blender? Top 5 Ninja Blenders Reviewed

If you enjoy making fresh smoothies or need help chopping ingredients for a meal, a Ninja blender can help.

Ninja blenders tend to be easy to clean and feature simple controls. They also come in a range of sizes and include different settings to suit your lifestyle.

The first Ninja blender had a streamlined design. You simply place your ingredients in the cup, set it on top of the base, and it starts chopping. The latest products include more settings, larger pitchers, and other details that help Ninja remain the best-selling blender brand.

As you have a lot of different options to choose from, you may wonder which Ninja blender to buy.

This article compares the top five options and digs into the main features to consider before buying a blender:

  • Total capacity
  • The wattage of the motor
  • Speed settings
  • Accessories

With these details in mind, here are the top five Ninja blenders for your kitchen.

1. Ninja Chef Countertop Blender with 1500-Watt Auto-IQ Base

Ninja Chef Countertop Blender

The Ninja Chef Countertop Blender is the top-of-the-line option from this company. It includes the most powerful motor and widest variety of settings. Choose from 10 different presets for mixing everything from soup to salsa or smoothies.


  • The 1500-watt motor makes this the most powerful Ninja blender
  • Includes Auto-IQ base with 10 presets
  • Includes a self-cleaning program
  • 10 manual blending speeds


  • One of the more expensive options

The Ninja Chef gives you complete control over the blending process while also providing presets to make your life easier. It is a durable appliance with the most powerful motor. You also get a large pitcher, lid, and 50-recipe booklet.

2. Ninja Professional 72-Ounce Countertop Blender

which ninja blender to buy

With the Ninja Professional, you get a sturdy 72-ounce blender housed in a sleek design. It takes up very little space on your countertop and has sharp blades capable of crushing ice in seconds.


  • Includes a powerful 1000-watt motor and six crushing blades
  • Comes with a 72-ounce pitcher with lid
  • Features a slim base for easier placement on the counter
  • Easy to operate controls


  • Lacks extra settings or features

The only drawback to this blender is the basic controls. Unlike the previous option, you cannot choose from different settings for different foods. You simply choose between low, medium, high, and pulse, as with a standard blender. However, it is still powerful and easy to operate and clean.

3. Ninja Personal Blender BL456 24-Ounce Blenders

where to buy ninja blender

How much is a Ninja blender? With this option, the blender does not cost much. This is the most affordable of the options and the most basic.


  • Compact design for easy storage and use
  • Includes a manual pulse setting for complete control
  • The most affordable Ninja blender available


  • Only comes with a 24-ounce cup
  • The 900-watt motor does not crush ice easily

With the Ninja BL456 blenders, you simply get a basic blender. While it may lack extra speed settings or presets, it offers reliability. It includes a durable design and simple controls that make it a breeze to prepare a quick smoothie or chop a few ingredients.

4. Ninja BL660-FS Blender

what is the best ninja blender

The Ninja BL660-FS Blender shares design elements with the Ninja Professional. Both options include 72-ounce pitchers and sleek designs. However, the BL660-FS blender includes several extra settings and accessories.


  • Includes an extra-large 72-ounce pitcher for preparing multiple servings
  • Comes with two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups with lids
  • Powerful 1000-watt motor crushes ice instantly
  • Includes three blending speeds and pulse setting


  • Several customers have complained that the lids on the smaller cups do not fit

While this is one of the larger Ninja blenders, it does not take up a lot of counter space. The base is just 12 x 9 inches. You also get several settings for controlling the speed, without any complicated controls.

As this is a refurbished product, some customers have received defective units. However, you can easily return or exchange the item if you detect any issues.

5. Ninja BL486 Personal Blender 1000-Watt Auto-IQ Base

how much is a ninja blender

The Ninja BL486 is a compact little blender with a lot of power. It includes a 1000-watt base with the Auto-IQ system. You also get quite a few accessories, making this one of the best overall values.


  • Comes with two 24-ounce cups with lids
  • Includes a 24-ounce stainless steel cup that can keep beverages cold for up to four hours
  • Comes with a 48-ounce pitcher
  • Includes the Nutri Ninja Recipe Book
  • Easy to operate controls


  • Does not offer as many settings compared to the Auto-IQ base on the Ninja Chef Countertop Blender

While this blender includes the Auto-IQ base, it does not offer a lot of settings. However, you get four different cups and a recipe book, which is more accessories than you get with the other blenders. As one of the more affordable options, you get a great value.

Conclusion – Should You Buy a Ninja Blender?

You now have five great blenders to consider adding to your kitchen counter, but which one should you choose? First, if you want to know where to buy a Ninja blender, shop Amazon. You can always find the latest deals and read up on additional customer reviews.

The five blenders provide a range of options to suit any budget or family size. To select the right blender, consider how you plan to use it and the number of servings you need to make.

What is the best Ninja blender for making smoothies for one or two people? The Ninja BL456 Blender and the BL486 are both compact and come with 24-ounce cups, providing the perfect option for preparing one or two servings of fresh smoothies.

The other three options all include 72-ounce pitchers, allowing you to prepare great-tasting drinks for the whole family. These are also great options if you want to crush ice or blend frozen fruit, as they feature more powerful motors.

If you want the most versatile blender, go with the Ninja Chef Countertop Blender with 1500-Watt Auto-IQ Base. It features 10 presets, including settings for frozen drinks, salsa, smoothies, ice cream, and soup.


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