Belgian Waffle vs Regular Waffle Maker: Which One Will You Choose?

Belgian Waffle vs Regular Waffle Maker

It is very exciting to discuss Belgian waffle vs regular waffle maker. Well, exactly, a waffle is a treat and a delight. It does not matter how the waffle is made; it will be a special food in our breakfast. Most people surely like eating the waffle moreover the waffle is served with any topping they love. It is good for you to serve up the special waffles in the morning especially on the weekend. There will be a highlight to the day of your family.

All people have felt and known that waffle creates excitement and fun for all. But, not all people understand about waffles surely and also the waffle types. There are many types of waffle. But, it is easy to classify the waffle into two, they are regular waffle and a Belgian waffle. When you read this article, you may feel curious and want to know the differences between both of them. So, this article will invite you to talk and discuss in detail the difference of waffle maker, that is the difference between Belgian waffle maker and regular waffle maker. Let’s see the following explanations! Check it out!

The thickness

Between Belgian and regular waffle maker, the waffle maker that can make thicker waffles is a Belgian waffle maker although it may be caused by the differences of the recipe to make a waffle.

You should know that in the batter, pure waffle of Belgian uses yeasts. Then, the regular waffle has a high content of the baking powder. In texture, the Belgian waffle is richer and smoother. Compared to the regular waffle, the Belgian waffle is lighter in which the consistency is like a cake. However, to be sure about those characteristics, the waffle maker of Belgian and regular are designed. They are different from the common machine.

What can spell the big difference between both of the waffle makers is a specialization. It is exactly the former. It is generally designed to identify the differences whether the waffle will be soft and crunchy outside and also smooth inside. However, it is not a feature which is very important in a regular waffle maker.

The timer of a waffle maker

The timer will be essential if you have an aim to achieve texture with the right amount. But, it is needed in a Belgian waffle maker.

Some timers will make a sound which reminds the user about the preparation phases. But, waffle color development is exactly most important to be monitored.

Then, the timers such this alarm may not be owned by some of the regular waffle makers.

The stoppage of steam

Different from the regular waffle maker, the Belgian waffle maker, besides having the alarm such beep voice to monitor the preparation of the waffle, it also has the feature of steam stoppage in which it can stop the machine if it has reached the specified temperature.

It also can control the browning to help you achieve the color and surface which are desired firm from the lightest to the darkest or in the middle. You can control it as you like.

The size of a waffle maker

The Belgian waffle maker is not only thicker, but its size is also much larger than a regular waffle maker. The plate of the Belgian waffle maker is bigger than the plate of the regular waffle maker. This plate is exactly designed to make many types of waffle.

Compared to a regular waffle maker, the Belgian waffle maker is taller. It also has well which is deeper than regular waffle maker. The well is a place to pour the waffle batter.

For the quality of the cooking time and also the result, the Belgian waffle maker is a shade faster than regular waffle maker (it is about 90 seconds and not more than 120 seconds). It is because its special design is for a certain product. However, you can make many types of waffle you want by using the regular waffle maker.
So, which will you choose between Belgian waffle vs regular waffle maker?

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