Beef BBQ Recipe with Charcoal vs. Gas Grill: Beef Steak with Salad and BBQ Sauce

Beef BBQ Recipe with Charcoal vs Gas Grill

Charcoal vs. Gas grill, which is the best one to make BBQ? In a certain event like a garden party, New Year eve, and others, BBQ is often considered the best dish to serve. The way to cook it is quite easy although there are indeed some techniques to make the result perfect. Meanwhile, you can just cook it outside while gathering and having fun with family and fun.

Something which is debatable is the energy used to make BBQ. There are some options out there but the most popular ones are only 2; they are using charcoal and gas grill. Each of them indeed has its own benefits and lacks. So, how is to make tasty grilled meat with BBQ recipe? Besides, what are the characteristics along with the pros and cons of grilling BBQ with both charcoal and gas grill?

Beef Steak with Salad and BBQ Sauce Recipe


250 gram of sirloin beef meat,

100 gram of potatoes

100 gram of carrots,

100 gram of beanstalks,

Lime water,

3 tomatoes,

A can of sweet corn,

A tablespoon of salt,

Pepper powder,

Black pepper powder


  1. Slice all the vegetables, wash, and boil them. The potatoes and carrots should be boiled sooner and longer than the beanstalks and sweet corn.
  2. Slice the meat. Pour the pepper and black pepper powder, salt, and lime water. Wait for around an hour.
  3. Make a barbecue sauce by blending the tomatoes with salt and peppers. If you want the sauce to be spicier, you can add chilies or jalapeno peppers.
  4. Grill the meat on the grilling pan. If you use charcoal, the process of grilling for each meat is around 20 minutes. While using the gas grill, it is only around 10 minutes.
  5. Serve them on the plate along with the boiled vegetables and sauce.

BBQ Cooking with Charcoal

Charcoal is used for many decades or even centuries when people are cooking. This traditional method still maintains until today for some benefits that it can give. Starting from the price, charcoal is much cheaper than the gas grill. It is mainly because of the resources that are still more and easier to find around. For some people, charcoal is also considered safer. There is almost no possibility of it being exploded; no more reason for that since it basically the main characteristic of the stuff.

What makes people just love to use charcoal for BBQ is regarding the aroma produced. it tastes better than grilling using the gas grill. More than that, the heat is also more thorough. It avoids the meat to be overcooked outside and still raw inside. Therefore, if you want to optimize the BBQ result, charcoal is much more recommended.

So, what are the lacks of using the energy source? Well, you may need to wait for a longer time for the pre-heating session. Besides, the remaining charcoal is commonly attached on the pan and it is quite difficult to clean up.

BBQ Cooking with Gas Grill

The gas grill also gives you some benefits for sure in the case of cooking BBQ. Being the opposite of the charcoal, the preheating process tends to be faster. You only need to click the stove and wait for some seconds until the fire is made well. Meanwhile, grilling with gas grill is also cleaner without too much remaining dirt attached around.

But with the gas grill, the aroma cannot be released optimally. Besides, it is quite difficult also to arrange the heat so that in many cases, the meat is simply overcooked. Lastly, if you are not using it carefully, the gas is easier to be exploded. So, before starting to grill, make sure to prepare all things properly.

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