Analog Vs Digital Mixer; What to Consider When You Want to Buy

Analog Vs Digital Mixer

If you are feeling confused to decide whether it’s analog vs digital mixer you should buy, you may need to learn the features of each type. First of all, you should realize that the thing which is a matter between the two types includes function, versatility, and price. Whether analog or digital, both models are very useful kitchen appliances.

Depending on your situation, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Most houses will start their experience with an analog or hand mixer since it is affordable. As their financial improves, they may add the digital or stand mixer to their kitchen appliances.

Hand Mixer

Hand mixer which is portable and using electric as power has replaced the vintage and manual rotary beater. This type of mixer generally has only limited attachments like a couple of removable metal beaters. This metal beater usually can be used for all purposes. However, you may find that the newer models come with a few more attachments.

When we talk about analog vs digital mixer, hand mixer or the analog one is considered as basic kitchen wares. Someone who is setting up their kitchen will likely buy this device at the first purchases. Rather than mixing a cake batter manually with hand, using a hand mixer will give you a better result on blending and mixing ingredients. With its power, you will be able to combine in constant speed.

Creaming recipes, mashing potatoes or whipping fresh cream will be much easier and quicker when you turn on the hand mixer. The device is provided with some different speeds. Depending on your mixing needs, you can choose the appropriate speed. In reality, you will use this appliance more often even if you won’t be likely to bake much.

Stand Mixer

The stand mixer will give you experiences of mixing foods into a new level. When you come to analog vs digital mixer, think if you are willing to tire yourself while blending, mixing or whipping since it takes an extended period. A stand mixer will allow you to do those processes without exhausting yourself, and even your hands will be free to do anything else while it works.

Furthermore, a stand mixer will provide you with more power than a hand mixer. This means it will be a lot easier when you need to mix heavier cookie batter, pie dough or knead bread. If you tend to skimp the mixing period when you are holding hand mixer, the stand mixer will present you the power of better mixing in lesser time.

The stand mixer has features that will allow you to preset the mixing action. This will help you to blend all ingredients more efficiently. All features in the stand mixer will generally enhance the mixing, beating, and mixing process, so that also results in better baking.

Actually, you can do anything that will need a hand mixer if you have a stand mixer. However, there’s also one drawback about stand mixer. The portable mixer can be used in any size of bowl and pot while the stand mixer is limited only to the capacity of its bowl.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Analog Vs Digital Mixer

Determining what is best for you should go back to your circumstances. A hand mixer is a must tool in your kitchen. But, if you are a mad home baker who has a great passion for baking, then stand mixer is the best choice. You will enjoy using it since it gives extra function and power.
Whether it is for social functions or school, if you bake so often, you will be pleased to have stand mixer as your companion in the kitchen. Some kitchens even have both models.

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