The Tabletop Salad Bar for Best Restaurant Style

Tabletop Salad Bar – The salad on the table bar is perfect for a buffet-style restaurant, dining room, cafeteria, or your meal. Place this unit on a countertop, countertop, or other display surface. So the customers can make their own salad. The best, because the top bar of the table does not have a base, it is easy to pick up and move to suit the setting of your dining room. You can even choose from a range of different colors to find that complement your company’s decor.

Tabletop Salad Bar

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Most of the above table for the salad bar comes with a sneeze guard one or two sides that help protect the contents from contaminants. Choose from models of different capacities to accommodate different types of pans of food.

Tabletop Salad Bar

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